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Town and Clown – Fundraising for Oxford’s Hidden Histories

Published: Tuesday, 13th June 2017

The Museum of Oxford's Town and Clown comedy night on the 18th of May filled the old museum space with many a warm chuckle and well informed giggles.

We heard about the ludicrous notoriety of Oxford's medieval lummies from the likes of Professor Hannah Skoda, which really put into perspective how the academic shenanigans of today's university characters have nothing on their riot fuelled predecessors. It was a tough act to follow for museum professional, Rebecca Mileham, but follow it she did, with a hilarious trail of museum signage and information panel fails, including ones giving no  information at all, others more information than you could ever possibly need, and the very important fact that an adult badger weighs roughly 8.6kg! Understanding how to author an effective information panel is key unless you really do want to take a trip to the Monkey World Tank Museum!

Writer and comedian Richard O Smith gave a side splitting conclusion to the evening's comedic proceedings as he delved into his book Oxford Town and Clown to deliver a rip roaring account of what Oxford living really meant. With the barge offering refreshments to soothe the raw laugh boxes alongside a raffle with prizes of Oxford United tickets, a coffee and cake experience at Gatineau and a Museum of Oxford hamper- everyone on the night was thoroughly entertained.

Of course what made the event even sweeter is that all the funds raised, a whopping £516 in fact, are being dropped into the Oxford Hidden Histories' pool for the redevelopment of our much loved museum!  The museum and its Young Innovators group who tirelessly organised the hilarity would like to thank all who supported the evening's activities- whether you bought a ticket or brought us to fits of laughter as it was indeed a very enjoyable and humorous occasion!